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When a creative loses their way
21 February, 2013

Hey All, This is going to be a pretty raw and personal post, something that I've been going through the last couple of months and looking around, I'm definitely not alone in my journey. I was debating about whether to post this or not, but having benefited from others sharing their experiences, I think it is good that I share mine, who knows who it might inspire and help. It will be far from the best post I've ever written and there are probably...

Getting it right in camera and the mythical purist
20 June, 2012

I've had some pretty interesting responses to  my blog post "Is post-processing cheating", most of the response has been positive and supportive, with a few of the "purists" weighing in to have their say too. Here is a short version of my photography philosophy so to speak: Getting it right in camera: My goal is to get my photography as near as perfect as I can in the camera, this involves using external and artificial lighting, bounces,...

Resources to help your photography
17 April, 2012

Hey All, There is a blog post of mine doing the rounds at the moment expressing my frustration with a few things that get said and some advice to new photographers. In the blog post I mentioned that I would be posting a list of resources.. well this is that post! Courses: Every photographer needs to check out CreativeLIVE, it's an initiative by Chase Jarvis (one of my inspirations) that provides free (yes FREE), photography workshops. They...