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There is a blog post of mine doing the rounds at the moment expressing my frustration with a few things that get said and some advice to new photographers. In the blog post I mentioned that I would be posting a list of resources.. well this is that post!


Every photographer needs to check out CreativeLIVE, it’s an initiative by Chase Jarvis (one of my inspirations) that provides free (yes FREE), photography workshops. They are free to participate in live over the internet and then you can buy the downloads to watch back at your own pace. I’ve participated in and/or purchased the following courses:

That’s enough from CreativeLIVE to get you started.. and probably addicted!

Also check out Chase Jarvis’ blog, he does LIVE segments every now and then.. they are really worth watching if you intend to become a photographer professionally and want to learn more about the business side of things.

I highly recommend this tutorial video by Zack Schnepf, he runs through tonality control and exposure blending in photoshop.. I’m not a fan of HDR for many reasons.. but I do use exposure blending fairly frequently, you get a high dynamic range, with out all the rubbish that HDR looks like.

Joel Grimes is the master of composite images, his editorial work is second to none.. and he’s happy to share his techniques:
Make sure you check out Scott Kelby’s tutorial and video website, there are some amazing courses in there:


Read these websites / blogs, subscribe to them or use google reader to drag them into your RSS feeds:

  • *cough* https://paulpichugin.com – haha.. seriously though, I’ll be posting more tutorials and photography education posts in the future
  • Light Stalking – brilliant resource of both tutorials and inspiration
  • ICE Society – a tutorial and learning community by wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis.. a master of light and posing
  • Zack Arias blog – yeah I know.. I’m a bit of a fan of his, he keeps it real and doesn’t gloss over the realities of running your own photography business
  • Digital Photography School – produced by ProBlogger – Darren Rowse – great resource for anything photography related!
  • Picture Correct – a great resource of tutorials from many different photographers
  • Strobist – This blog is an invaluable resource for off camera flash techniques
  • PhotoBlazr – More tutorials and resources

Books / eBooks:

I read.. I read a whole heap! I have a kindle and an iPad full of books along with many book shelves also filled with books, here are a couple I recommend you read:

Well that should keep you busy for at least a day or two.. I’ll be posting more links and reviews of what I’m reading and using from now on. Also going to be doing some gear review of the gear I’m using & tutorials on some of the techniques I use as well.

Feel free to pass this around to your photographer friends!

Would love to hear your favourite sites / blogs / resources.. maybe I’ll discover something new too! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the right hand side there so that you don’t miss my blog posts!




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