About Me

Hi, I’m Paul Pichugin. I’m a dad to 3 awesome daughters, fortunate husband to the best wife anyone could ask for, proud brother to a sister who is doing amazing things, and a son to some pretty incredible parents. I also take photos for a living.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on travel and landscape photography projects in every state in Australia, 17 countries and Antarctica in the last few years. I absolutely love what I do, I often have to pinch myself and remind myself that this *isn’t* a dream!

Some of the experiences I’ve had include kayaking and snorkelling in Antarctica, night kayaking amongst the bio-luminescence in Tasmania and hiking through blizzards in the Tasmanian mountains, aerial photography in Queensland, Dubai and all over Western Australia to camping all through Iceland & Norway and with Bedouin in Jordan, riding horses around the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

I’m available to work on tourism, travel and commercial projects both locally and internationally, contact me to have a chat about your next project or idea.

One of my other main passions is volunteering and working with Non-Profit Organisations to help raise awareness for their causes and funds for their projects. I support Awareness Cambodia, a charity for children orphaned by HIV. I also work with The Giving Lens, founded by Colby Brown, as a workshop instructor and team leader. This involves leading a team of photographers through developing nations, teaching photography and volunteering with local NGOs.

Specialities: Creative Direction, Landscape, Travel & Tourism Photography, Aerial Photography, Virtual Tours, 360 degree video, VR Video and Social Media campaigns.

Connect with me:

You can connect with me across my various social media channels, feel free to reach out to connect or contact me with any questions you might have, please no spam / sales messages though.