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Rhythms of Stillness: Embracing the Quiet Between

In the quiet lull of mid-December to January, my world as a commercial photographer in the bustling realm of tourism and travel slows to a near halt. This annual pause, once a source of frantic outreach and simmering frustration, has morphed into a period of acceptance and preparation. It’s a […]

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Below the Surface: Diving the Lena Shipwreck

There’s something about slipping beneath the ocean’s surface that feels like entering another world. The moment my head submerges, the relentless noise of life above fades into a hushed serenity, a rare tranquillity that only the depths can offer. It’s here, in the silent embrace of the sea, that I […]

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Embarking on a Visual Journey: My 2024 Wall Calendars Are Here!

Hello to my wonderful community, Since 2009, I’ve been on an incredible professional journey—one that has led me through diverse landscapes, across continents, and into the heart of some of the world’s most captivating places. As a full-time travel and landscape photographer, each photograph I’ve taken is more than just […]

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Elizabeth Quay

Perth’s brand new Elizabeth Quay

This afternoon I had a few meetings and needed to pick up some last minute gear for my coming Antarctica trip (thank you Macpac Perth). I figured while I was in town that I’d take a bit of a wander around the brand new Elizabeth Quay and update some of […]

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South West Wanderings

With the way my work has been going over the last 2 years I’ve not had all that much time to do any photography in the South West of Western Australia, where I live. Instead I’ve been working all over Australia and the world with trips to Egypt, Jordan, Dubai […]

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Australian Landscapes – Video

Hey All,   Well first of all I have to say a *huge* thank you for the amazing amount of support I received yesterday after my April fools blog post about Quitting Photography. There were some incredibly kind comments as well as some reminders of some of the exceptional clients […]

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