We had a pretty awesome light display last night with perfectly clear weather as a massive geomagnetic storm hit. I headed out to see if I could get any photos of it… it’s not often that the Aurora is visible to the naked eye in Western Australia, but I could clearly see it! Here are my photos, taken from Augusta, Western Australia:








All of these photos were captured with my new(ish) Sony A7r with a metabones adaptor and my Canon 16-35 f2.8L II (love that lens), I’m still trying to find my feet with the Sony camera, so my Canon 5Dmk3 travels everywhere with me too at the moment. Rough settings were: ISO1600-6400, f2.8, 20-30 seconds exposure.

If you would like more information on how you can see the Aurora Australis check out spaceweather.com and spaceweatherlive.com, both are exceptional resources and have far more information than any casual interest would ever need to know (or understand… I don’t understand about 98% of it). It is not very common in Western Australia, you have far better chances for seeing it in New Zealand and Tasmania, but Augusta to Albany are good options when a strong (KP6+) geomagnetic storm hits and the conditions are right.