Balingup Night Skies

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Title: Balingup Night Skies

Photographer: Paul Pichugin

Location: Balingup, Western Australia

Caption: I’ve been working on a series of images that I call “Imagine” for the last 8 or so years now.. the images start with me coming up with an idea, usually that idea is formed from asking myself “I wonder…” or “what if..”. Then the research starts to find a suitable location, the right conditions (weather, time of day, time of month for the moon or sun position and time of year for seasonal changes and position of the stars) and trying to then capture the image in my head.

This shot required the weather to play nicely with the new moon. Autumn is the start of our wet season in the South West of Western Australia and there is often a heavy of fog around at night. This was my 5th year at attempting this photo and the first time I’ve got anything I’m remotely happy with, the first attempt was foiled by ridiculous amounts of rain and flooding, the next year the tree dropped all its leaves early in some storms that blew through. On the fifth attempt the drive from Busselton to Baligup was completely fogged out, so thick I couldn’t see the tree or the pond from 20 meters away, I set up my camera anyway, as I was setting up the breeze picked up and cleared the fog for a few minutes, I was able to finally get the photo that had lived inside my head for so long!

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