12 Films Project

So this year I challenged myself to produce 52 blog posts, 1 per week.. so far I’ve kept to my schedule, post 3 is nearly ready to go on Sunday night. I have also challenged myself to produce at least 12 videos, 1 per month. This is not me starting […]

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Happy New Year 2017 – 52 Project

Well goodbye to 2016 (and good riddance from many of us) and hello to 2017! 2016 was a year filled with some pretty awesome highlights for me, combined with some not so fun parts. It was a time of re-assessing my businesses, refining the processes, removing some services and growing […]

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South West Secrets

Western Australia is an amazingly diverse state, with over 12,500 kilometres of coastline and 2.6 million square kilometres of land, there is always something to be explored and discovered. Most people when they hear Western Australia, they think of iron ore, mining, deserts and a dry, dusty place. Over the last […]

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How a photographer earns their income

I get quite a few private messages and emails asking me questions along the lines of how I earn my income and if I do photography full-time.. I thought I’d answer those questions in a blog post: My income comes from a few different sources, although over the last 8 months […]

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Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis – March 2016

A few nights ago I woke up at about 3am for no particular reason and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to make the best of it and head out for some of my first Milky Way photos of 2016. The most colourful section of the Milky Way […]

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Elizabeth Quay

Perth’s brand new Elizabeth Quay

This afternoon I had a few meetings and needed to pick up some last minute gear for my coming Antarctica trip (thank you Macpac Perth). I figured while I was in town that I’d take a bit of a wander around the brand new Elizabeth Quay and update some of […]

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Death of an FStop Bag

My F-Stop Tilopa camera bag has died, so I’ve had to start looking for a new camera bag. Every photographer I know has multiple camera bags, it seems that for many of us it is an unending quest to find the “perfect” camera bag. Personally, I went through 5 different […]

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