So this year I challenged myself to produce 52 blog posts, 1 per week.. so far I’ve kept to my schedule, post 3 is nearly ready to go on Sunday night. I have also challenged myself to produce at least 12 videos, 1 per month. This is not me starting a vlog, the daily vlogging craze is great for those who have the time. I want to produce something of substance each month though, not be under the pressure of a daily video. Plus there is the fact that my day to day life is not really that interesting, the majority of my week is spent in front of a computer processing photos, working on project pitches and proposals and sending emails. I considered doing a weekly vlog, but again, I may not do anything major in any given week and I think there is more than enough boring content being created, I don’t want to add to the noise.

Instead, I’m going to produce at least one video per month for the next 12 months. My first video is up on YouTube already, it is a summary of some of the projects I did in the last 12(ish) months. Moving forward I’ll be putting together a video from my Christmas Island trip in May last year, one from The Giving Lens Cambodia and from each major project or trip that I do this year coming. I’ll also be shooting some personal projects around the South West of Western Australia while at home.

If you have an interesting destination that you are in charge of marketing, please feel free to contact me about putting together a project. Most of my projects I’m now combining photography, writing and video content, plus virtual reality / 360 degree photos and video for sharing on Facebook, YouTube and Google+ (Yes it is still very much alive and well… 3.1 Billion views of my work and counting there).

I hope you enjoy the videos, feel free to give them a thumbs up and a share and subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with the videos.

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