My last post on this topic for at least the next few weeks, I promise!

One last point for the mythical purists: You are “editing” reality when you select your ISO, your aperture, your shutter speed.. heck if you shoot film, the very type of film you use will dictate the colours you capture and the style of the photograph. So don’t tell me it’s about capturing reality, it’s not! Photography, while technical in process, is an entirely creative art form, regardless of the genre of photography you are in.

Following on from my previous two posts talking about how post-processing isn’t evil or cheating and how *all* images are processed in some form or manner.. we’re now moving on to my real point, which is.. it doesn’t matter!

I had intended to write this post as a conclusion of my thoughts on the whole topic, to sum it all up, but then someone came along and wrote it better (and earlier) than I could, so please head over to Scott Bourne’s post called Photographers – It’s not about the process – Really!

It is an interesting read and I agree completely with Scott’s main thought.

A direct quote from Scott Bourne’s blog: “Nobody cares which camera or film or shutter speed Neil used to make this image – it’s the IMAGE that counts. It’s about the impact of capturing a moment in time that will live on forever. It’s about a photo that will live on past all of us. The processes used won’t even be known to people generations from now who see the picture. All that they will know is that in the 1960s, a boxer named Ali dominated and the moment was captured for generations that will follow to see.”

Scott couldn’t have summed up my thoughts any better!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this mini-series of posts!


Paul Pichugin

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