I’m a Landscape & Travel photographer based in the South West of Western Australia. I specialise in telling outdoor, travel and adventure stories though my photography, video and 360 degree imagery.

My photography is primarily focused on adventure travel, from kayaking and snorkelling in Antarctica, night kayaking amongst the bio-luminescence in Tasmania and hiking through blizzards in the Tasmanian mountains, aerial photography in Queensland, Dubai and Western Australia to camping with bedouin in Jordan and riding horses around the Great Pyramids of Egypt, I love it all! I’ve worked on projects in 16 countries and Antarctica now and I’m working on adding more to my list. I’m available to work on tourism, travel and commercial projects both locally and internationally, contact me to have a chat about your next project or idea.


  • Awesome weekend of camping with good mates building a shedhellip
    1 day ago by paulmp Awesome weekend of camping with good mates, building a shed from timber that was milled on site... sitting around a camp fire, cooking and sharing stories. Doesn't get much better than that in my book, love being in the great outdoors.
  • Yallingup Western Australia at sunset
    4 days ago by paulmp Yallingup, Western Australia at sunset...
  • Dive on in to the weekend
    3 days ago by paulmp Dive on in to the weekend :-)
  • Vanishing Falls Tasmania taken while on a flight with paraviontashellip
    4 days ago by paulmp Vanishing Falls,  @Tasmania , taken while on a flight with  @paraviontas  The waterfall disappears into a cave below the falls!  #Tasmania 
  • Senja Norway in summer last year This was taken afterhellip
    2 days ago by paulmp Senja, Norway in summer last year. This was taken after midnight!

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