Digital Only – Western Australia by Paul Pichugin

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In 2008 my wife and I came across to Western Australia for a holiday… and only went home long enough to sell or give away most of what we owned, pack a few things into my parents shipping container and then the rest into our car.
We arrived back here in February 2009 and have been exploring Western Australia since. There are very few areas of Western Australia I’ve not covered in the 12-13 years we’ve been here, I’ve got some more extensive trips to further explore the Kimberley region, some sections of the far east Pilbara and believe it or not… Rottnest Island (I’ve flown over it in a helicopter quite a few times and seen it from a dive boat many times) and that is about it. There are many areas I want to explore much more indepth and spend some serious time capturing the photographs I have in my head for those areas.

The result of my travels has been a body of photographic work that has won awards, gone viral, recieved quite literally billions of views and engagements as well as being published in National Geographic, Traveller, Conde Nast, Lonely Planet and many other local, national and international publications. My work has also been used by Tourism Australia and more local tourism boards like Australia’s Coral Coast and Australia’s Golden Outback in their tourism campaigns.

I decided to put together a book with a selection of some of my images from across Western Australia, it is the first in a series of books that I’m planning out and working on. The print version of the book can be ordered here. 

Quite a few people expressed interest in having a digital only version of the book, so I created a PDF version of it that can be downloaded instantly.

This product is *DIGITAL ONLY*, not a print product, after purchasing you’ll automatically get a link to download the PDF, the link will be valid for 14 days.