I’m a Landscape & Travel photographer based in the South West of Western Australia. I specialise in telling outdoor, travel and adventure stories though my photography, video and 360 degree imagery.

My photography is primarily focused on adventure travel, from kayaking and snorkelling in Antarctica, night kayaking amongst the bio-luminescence in Tasmania and hiking through blizzards in the Tasmanian mountains, aerial photography in Queensland, Dubai and Western Australia to camping with bedouin in Jordan and riding horses around the Great Pyramids of Egypt, I love it all!

I’ve worked on projects in 16 countries and Antarctica now and I’m working on adding more to my list. I’m available to work on tourism, travel and commercial projects both locally and internationally, contact me to have a chat about your next project or idea.

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Happy New Year 2017 – 52 Project

Well goodbye to 2016 (and good riddance from many of us) and hello to 2017! 2016 was a year filled with some pretty awesome highlights for me, combined with some not so fun parts. It was a time of re-assessing my businesses, refining the processes, removing some...

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South West Secrets

Western Australia is an amazingly diverse state, with over 12,500 kilometres of coastline and 2.6 million square kilometres of land, there is always something to be explored and discovered. Most people when they hear Western Australia, they think of iron ore,...


How a photographer earns their income

I get quite a few private messages and emails asking me questions along the lines of how I earn my income and if I do photography full-time.. I thought I'd answer those questions in a blog post: My income comes from a few different sources, although over the last 8...

Aurora Australis
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Aurora Australis – March 2016

A few nights ago I woke up at about 3am for no particular reason and couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to make the best of it and head out for some of my first Milky Way photos of 2016. The most colourful section of the Milky Way is now visible at this time...

Abbey Beach
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Abbey Beach with the Canon 5Ds

Canon were kind enough to send me a Canon 5Ds and their 11-24mm f4L lens to take with me on my trip to Antarctica. If I'm ever sent gear to try out or if I buy something for a trip, I've always got to try it out before I leave. There is nothing worse than arriving...

Elizabeth Quay

Perth’s brand new Elizabeth Quay

This afternoon I had a few meetings and needed to pick up some last minute gear for my coming Antarctica trip (thank you Macpac Perth). I figured while I was in town that I'd take a bit of a wander around the brand new Elizabeth Quay and update some of my Perth...

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Death of an FStop Bag

My F-Stop Tilopa camera bag has died, so I've had to start looking for a new camera bag. Every photographer I know has multiple camera bags, it seems that for many of us it is an unending quest to find the "perfect" camera bag. Personally, I went through 5...



Paul visited Christmas Island as a Social Media Influencer in May 2016 on our annual media famil, with the promise of great coverage for Christmas Island.

Well he did not disappoint – Paul was an absolute delight to work with and he participated with gusto in all activities arranged during his visit. As a result, Paul’s photographs captured the essence of Christmas Island, and covered all experiences due to his willingness to go everywhere and do everything, even at time in adverse weather conditions.

Paul shared his work far and wide, produced video logs, and conducted an Instameet for our Tourism Association, all of which provided great coverage for our destination. I would highly recommend Paul to any destination looking for a Social Media Influencer who absolutely delivers on his promise.

Linda Cash

Marketing Manager, Christmas Island Tourism Association


My working relationship with Paul has spanned over 5 years, engaging his photographic services in my last three positions which continued due to his high level of customer service through listening as well as providing creative advice, understanding of creative brief and direction as well as budget.

He continues to over deliver on his contractual duties of photography through his ongoing support of client shoots using his various social media channels for exposure.

Suzanne Fisher AIMM

Marketing and PR Manager, Australia's Coral Coast

Paul joined Aurora Expeditions in Antarctica to photograph the destination and our expedition experience on behalf of our marketing department.

Not only did he deliver amazing photographs for our marketing campaigns, he also presented us with some fantastic opportunities and exposure across his social media platforms and other publications. Paul’s images were on brief and provided in a timely manner post trip.

He also received glowing feedback from our on-board team due to his professionalism and patience – especially when passengers needed to be prioritised over photography. I would not hesitate to engage Paul in further projects in the future – he’s one in a million!

Emma Savage

Marketing Manager, Aurora Expeditions

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