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Thailand Photos
14 May, 2010

We arrived home from Thailand late Monday night, we had an absolute blast in Phuket, spent the last couple of days just riding around on a scooter, exploring and taking photos! I'll be adding some more little stories and thoughts on things that happened and what we experienced while being there, but for the mean time, I'm just adding a post with a lot of photos from our trip. Most of them are available to buy as prints through RedBubble, or you can...

2 May, 2010

Hey There, Bec and I left Perth bound for Singapore and ultimately Phuket in the very early hours of Thursday morning, it was a chilly 14 degrees celcius. We flew through the night, landing in Singapore Airport at around 5.30am, headed through customs to collect our bags and then straight back through customs after checking into our next flight. Next on the agenda was food, we hunted down some breakfast at the Burger King and tried some food neither...