Over the last few months I’ve worked on a few commissioned trips to the North of Western Australia to a region known as the Pilbara.

The Pilbara is a pretty incredible place, over the 2 trips I’ve driven more than 13,000 kms across all types of terrain, from nice sealed roads to corrugated red-dirt tracks. When you drive through out the Pilbara, you are sharing the roads with some massive road trains, the back bone of Australia, ¬†as well as wide loads that frequently require you to move off the road, the UHF definitely comes in handy during these moments.


Pilbara Road Train

It is home to some of the most amazing scenery I’ve ever had the opportunity to explore. My favourite place in the Pilbara would definitely have to be the iconic Karijini National Park, it is filled with gorges, swimming holes and hiking tracks.

Hammersley Gorge - Spa Pool
Hammersley Gorge – Spa Pool
Oxer lookout - Karijini
Oxer lookout – Karijini
Upper Spa Pool, Hammersley Gorge - Karijini National Park
Upper Spa Pool, Hammersley Gorge – Karijini National Park
Kermit's Pool, Hancock Gorge - Karijini National Park
Kermit’s Pool, Hancock Gorge – Karijini National Park

I’ve got to say, Karijini is probably one of the most amazing places I’ve ever had the chance to explore, I’m really looking forward to heading back there a few times next season.

I have a heap more images to go through from the trip, so I’ll be posting them up slowly on the blog over the coming weeks.


Paul Pichugin

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