Yesterday Google made a heap of announcements about new features for their Google+ platform, many of them photography related.


On top of that, they announced a brand new plugin in their Nik collection called Analog Efex Pro, essentially it emulates many different types of old school cameras, films and processing styles.

I purchased the Nik suite earlier this year and Google have generously decided to offer Analog Efex Pro free to any one who has already purchased the suite, so I downloaded the update and started experimenting with the software this evening. I’ve got to say, it isn’t something that I will include in my standard workflow for images, but for highly stylised images, this plugin is great! It integrates straight into Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Aperture.


Here is an image that I processed my standard way and then the Analog Efex Pro version:




Definitely a pretty cool plugin!




Paul Pichugin


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