Hey all,

As most of you may well know, Bec, Ana and I recently moved to Western Australia’s south west, we now live in an area called Abbey, we’re 600 meters from the beach!

This morning was rather stormy, so I decided to check out my local boat ramp and jetty.. I had to get the camera out quick smart!

I’ve posted a short exposure to show what the conditions looked like, and a long exposure to show how I saw it in my mind when I was standing there looking at it.


I’ve also posted some video on my instagram account, feel free to follow me (@paulmp)


Paul Pichugin


  1. What filter did you use Paul? Superb photo BTW and I know that jetty!

    • I used a Big Stopper, it’s basically an optical version of welders mask, allows you to do super long exposures during the day.

  2. I like both….I actually think you can’t compare the two because the differences are too great, but both hold different aspects of drama…..

    • The 2 photos were taken seconds apart, the only difference is one had the filter on it, and the other one didn’t. The camera wasn’t moved between exposures at all, so it’s *exactly* the same scene :)