Hey All,

Bec and I have decided to make a move that we’ve both been wanting to do for many years now.. we’re going to be leaving Perth and moving to the Busselton / Dunsborough region in Australia’s South West as soon as we can find a house down there. For those not familiar with the region, it’s a beautiful region surrounded with beaches, bushland, wineries and many primary producers, located approx 2-2.5 hours drive south of Perth.


I have secured several great clients in the area already and will be looking to expand my business in the region as well as forming another venture that will be announced in a few months time.

For my Perth clients, I’ve told most of you about the move already, I’ll still be coming up to Perth at least once a month to do your photography and I will still be taking on some new clients in Perth. It will be a matter of coming up for a few days at a time and booking everyone in over those days.


Any referrals for business down there would be really appreciated, I’m happy to do work anywhere in the South West, from Bunbury through to Augusta and inland as well. Looking to do work with wineries, boutique & luxury accommodation and other tourism based businesses.

We will miss our Perth friends, but I’ll still be incontact online via facebook, twitter, google+ and my blog.. as well as in person on my frequent visits.. and we’re looking for a house big enough to have people come and stay, so don’t be strangers!


Paul, Bec & Ana Pichugin


  1. Fantastic news! Good luck finding a place and work down there, I’ll keep you in mind if I hear of anything.