Hey All,

I had a commercial shoot this afternoon down Kwinana way, on the way home I thought I’d check out a few of the local beaches to see if I could find anything worth doing sunset at.. Pretty happy that I stopped, initially it looked like the clouds were going to close in and we were going to get no colour.. then the entire sky lit up for a good 15-20 minutes!

Here are the photos from the evening:







I hope you enjoyed them!


Paul Pichugin



  1. Nice work as always mate. Photo No 2 rocks my boat.

  2. Hi, love your stuff and thoroughly enjoy. Is the colour or any of your photo’s enhanced in any way?

    • Depends on what you mean when you say enhanced. Is it exactly as I saw it? Not even close, the colour was much better in real life than in these photos, no camera on the planet captures exactly what we see. Luckily I’m not out to capture what I see, I’m trying to capture what I feel and experience. I use filters on the front of my camera to balance out the light and to help me capture my artistic vision. I also process my photos from a digital negative (RAW image) that can’t be used for anything into a printable file.. much like the masters of film did, in fact there is nothing I do digitally that hasn’t been done in a darkroom with film somewhere :)