Hey All,

Just thought I’d post up my latest image from my “Untouched” series.


For those wondering how I created this image, here is a rough outline:

– Climbed a tree (destroying a pair of pants in the process)
– set up my tripod in the tree.. seriously!
– Canon EOS 5Dmk2 + 16-35mm f2.8L lens + Big Stopper Neutral Density Filter
– Pointed the camera more or less straight down
– 1 minute exposure
– for the first 45-50 seconds (ish) I had it focused perfectly
– the last 10-15 seconds (ish) I changed the focus so that it was completely out of focus.. giving it the kind of glow you see.
– the white balance was set to custom to exaggerate and change the colour
– overall the image was “under exposed” for what the camera wanted with the big stopper, it probably should have gone for about another 20 seconds for a “correctly exposed” image

here is a snap shot I shoot when I first got up the tree, trying to decide on framing and seeing if the idea I had in mind would work:



As you can see, it was actually quite bright, but the under exposure combined with the white balance shift has made the leaves look much more red. In reality they are far more orange than red.

Hope you like it and that the explanation helps a little


Paul Pichugin

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