Hey All,

I’ve just finished setting up a new Newsletter / Subscription system as I’m moving away from the Google Feedburner system I have been using for the last 5 years.

As a way to entice you all to sign up to my new system, I’m going to be giving away a signed & matted landscape print to one lucky subscriber!

To subscribe, simply fill out this form:

[newsletter_signup_form id=2]

You’ll also need to confirm your subscription, only confirmed subscribers will be in with a chance to win this print. The lucky winner will be drawn at random on the 31st of March, with the announcement of the winner to be posted on the 1st of April.. after 12pm so you know it’s not some elaborate (and lame) April Fools joke.

This is the print that I’m giving away:


I only have 2 of the print left in stock, I’ll be giving one away and the other is available to purchase, contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

If I get over 100 subscribers, I’ll be selecting a second print to give away to another lucky subscriber, so please make sure you share this post on twitter, facebook, google+ and whereever else the cool kids are currently hanging out.

I’ll be putting up some photos of the prints I have in stock at the moment that I’m looking to clear. I have about 100 signed & matted prints that I would like to get rid of in order to make some room for the next project I am currently working on!


Paul Pichugin

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  1. Love the subject matter , it’s clarity and colour – very well done