Hey All,

I have some exciting news! Fellow photographer Colby Brown and myself are hosting a photo walk through Fremantle, Western Australia.

Colby is an incredible photographer and has been an inspiration to me for awhile now, we connected via Google+ where Colby has an incredible 2.3 million people watching his photography! In 2011 he founded The Giving Lens, which blends photo education and giving back to communities who need it most, operating in countries like Haiti, Tanzania, Peru and Cambodia.

For those who aren’t sure what a photo walk is, it is a chance to connect with other photographers, talk photography, socialise and to walk through an area taking photos. They are quite a lot of fun, I’ve produced some decent photos from the photo walks that I’ve participated in and hosted previously, they can challenge you creatively as well! I find that with many other photographers there, I try to see something a bit different and capture something that nobody else will.

Don’t feel like you need the latest and greatest camera, many people will be sporting nothing more than their smart phone, if that is all you have, you are *more* thank welcome to join in the fun. Of course if you have something larger or better, you are welcome to bring that along too.

If you are a photographer, or would like to be a photographer or want to connect with photographers from all over Perth and Western Australia, make sure you are at Kings Square in Fremantle at 3:30pm. The photo walk is being sponsored by Google, Tourism Australia, Wacom, Custom SLR, F-Stop Gear, Goal Zero, Smug Mug Pro, Induro and a few others! There will be over $1500 in prizes given away including tripods, photo bags and much more!

Please let us know you are coming on either the Event page on Google+ or the Event page on Facebook

Looking forward to meeting a whole heap of new people!




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