Hey All,

Just an update on the Journey of Light Exhibition, it’s going really well and the response to my artwork has been incredible.. I’m so grateful that people have taken time out of their weekend to come and visit the exhibition! The most popular pieces seem to be “The Chase” and “Sunset Reflections”:

The Chase:

Sunset Reflections:

For those of you who haven’t been able to make it down yet.. or would like to visit again, I’ll be there 10am to 4pm Monday & Wednesday.. and Tuesday 10am until 8:30pm (ish) or 9pm if people are hanging around :)

For those who aren’t aware,  it’s at Perth City Farm, 1 City Farm Place, East Perth. In the exhibition hall at the back of the farm. Parking is available on Lime Street.

The Cafe is open for lunch and coffee everyday, so grab a coffee and come say hi!

I’m currently updating the gallery on my site and restructuring the images there.. they will be up to date soon!


Paul Pichugin

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