Upcoming Exhibition October 2012

In 2009 I moved from Queensland to Western Australia, since the move I have been exploring and discovering Western Australia for myself. Countless hours have been spent driving and hiking to uncover some of the gems that Western Australia has to offer.

A large part of my journey has been working to be in place at the right time of day, to capture the light in perfect conditions. Frequently this means early starts and late finishes, up before the first hint of dawn and in bed well after it’s gone! My style of photography is to work with the light I’m given, whether that’s early dawn or the light of the milky way cloud over head in the middle of the night!

Limited edition and one off pieces will be featured in this exhibition, including a piece that was recently awarded first place in Perth’s National Photographic Exhibition.

There will also be an exhibit of my journey to Cambodia, featuring some of the images I captured there and the story of the medical team of volunteers that travels there from Perth each year!

Come and join me at my exhibition to see what I have discovered and captured in my journeys!

Perth City Farm Exhibition Hall
1 City Farm Place
East Perth WA 6004
View Perth City Farm in Google maps

Saturday 13th of October – 8am – Perth City Farm markets open, exhibition will be open until 12pm
Saturday 13th of October – 6pm – A Journey of Light – official opening by True North Mark – open to the public, but it would be great if you could let me know if you are going to come! [email protected]

Sunday 14th – Wednesday 17th October – Exhibition open daily 10am-4pm
Perth City Farm Cafe open until 3pm, grab a coffee & lunch and have a wander through the exhibition.

Prints will be available to purchase, or to order for delivery after the exhibition.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Paul Pichugin

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