Hey All,

I decided late last night to go for a drive south to see if I could find a gap in the clouds to photograph the aurora australis that was supposed to be visible. After searching around and trying a few places I ended up at one of the many lakes south of Perth, a location I’ve never been to before.. turns out it’s a great spot for photography, astro-photography in particular!

I managed to capture some minor aurora activity, it was visible to the naked eye, it was great to watch.

Print Available Here

Print Available Here


Paul Pichugin


  1. Hey, where did you find out that the aurora was going to be visible? I’d love to go down and see it!

  2. I was taking photographs nearby from 1145pm till 1230pm. I didnt get anything like this. Great capture

  3. Hi Paul,

    I love your images.

    I make cardboard personalised jigsaw puzzles, these image would look fantastic made into a puzzle.

    Would you be interested in transforming your images into jigsaw puzzles and selling them on your website?

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.



  4. Will this be available to buy soon?

  5. Hi Paul

    Great capture, saw it published in the West Australian newspaper this morning


  6. So glad you were able to capture these Paul. Great work!