I’ve been in a little bit of a creative slump the last week.. just really haven’t been all that inspired to head out and take photos, maybe it’s the weather, perfect clear blue skies really don’t do all that much for me.. The blue skies can make an image far less interesting than if you had a nice brush stroke of clouds across it. Clouds at texture and balance to an image in my opinion..

So this afternoon there were some pretty awesome clouds around, I decided I’d head out down to a local favourite beach of mine, Bennion Beach.. it sits between Trigg Beach and Mettam’s Pool.. both great spots for taking photos as well. Well the band of clouds threatened to close in the sunset and hide all the beautiful colour that can happen at sunset.. sure enough the sunset with out all that much fuss.. I waited awhile longer and was rewarded for my patience, all of a sudden a window of colour opened up for a few minutes, which saw me get to work quick smart!

I’m pretty happy with the results, definitely two of my stronger images of recent times. One of them got over 200 +1s on Google+ and was shared and reshared like crazy.. always nice to get a little bit of attention on your artwork!

Available as a print here

Available as a print here

Would love to hear your thoughts on the two images.. or what it is you do to help get yourself out of a creative slump!


Paul Pichugin