On Saturday night I had to head down to Manjimup for a shoot for a client. The shoot went pretty late and I was staying about an hour away in Mullalyup, at Willows Rest. Willows Rest is a Bed and Breakfast that has fully self-contained rooms, spa baths in the ensuites and about 16 acres of beautiful farm land you can wander around on. Bec’s Grandparents own it, it’s a lovely spot! Highly recommend staying there, I’m looking at organising a “photographers retreat” there for a small group who want to be challenged creatively and to explore Mullalyup, Balingup and the surrounds.

On my way back from Manjimup, I stopped and had a look a the night sky.. it was absolutely breath taking, the moon set at around 12:30am and the stars just came alive! There is very little light pollution in that area as you are pretty far from any major towns. Looking at the sky, I just had to get a few photos of it.. these are what I came away with!

I’ve decided to make the second image available as a free download as a wallpaper.

1024×768 |  1920×1080 | 2048×1536

If there are any other sizes you would like, let me know and I’ll try to get them uploaded :)


Paul Pichugin