Hey All,

I’ve been flat out the last couple of weeks developing my new product, interactive images.

Interactive images are a 360° panoramic image that you can drag your mouse around and explore an environment or do a virtual tour. I use custom technology to create my high quality images that display well on any device you are using! They look great on a computer, tablet or phone.

They get really interactive once you look at them on an iPad2+ or iPhone 4+ as they have built in gyroscopes that measure the devices movement. My panoramic images detect the gyroscope movement and use the sensor to rotate the image based completely on your movement! It’s simple, easy and very intuitive! To top it all off, it really makes you feel like you are there.

I’m now offering them commercially, so be sure to get in contact if you are interested in meeting up for a chat about the possibilities!

To check out some examples, head on over to the Interactive Images page!


Paul Pichugin