This morning I had the pleasure of holding a virtual photo walk with several people from around the world. The hour long photo walk was broadcast around the world via a Google+ hangout, the people participating in it are disabled or house/hospital bound in some manner.

The light this morning was perfect, couldn’t have asked for better weather and clouds, I managed to capture some pretty decent images from the morning and then worked on creating a more lasting experience for them to explore any time they want.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a personal project, I call them interactive images, they are 360×180 degree panoramic images. On a computer you can drag your mouse around and experience an area, it is a semi-immersive  environment.. on an iPad or iPhone it is even better.. the images you see on the iPad move as you move the iPad, giving you an even better experience.

Here is a preview of the one at Fremantle, click the link underneath it to experience it!

Fremantle Interactive Image

Fremantle Interactive Image 2

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on the interactive image.. I’ll have some more samples up over the next few days!


Paul Pichugin