Hey All,

After a few meetings today I stopped in at Camera Electronic to have a look around and spotted the brand new Canon 5D mark 3 in store. I asked one of the very helpful and friendly staff if I could have a look at it and they were more than happy to let me have a play! My initial impression is that the build quality is far better than the mark 2 version of this camera, it has more weight in it and just feels more solid. All the controls were familiar and seemed to be a mix between the layout on the 5D mark 2 and the 7D, with some additional features. Going through the controls they’ve really given it some thought and fixed everything that was wrong in the 5Dmk2, from a lock on the mode dial to a dedicated video switch, it’s all there!

Shooting with it is quite impressive too, I only shot a few frames off around the store as well as testing out the video side of things, but it managed to really impress me. I shoot a lot of star trail images as well as low light images and some times it would be nice if you could get less noise at higher ISO.. well Canon certainly have answered the call there. I fired off some frames at ISO6400 and ISO10000 and they were far cleaner than even shooting at 1200-1600 on my 5Dmk2. The complete lack of noise is carried over into the video functions as well. I was shown some footage shot at ISO10,000 with ambient light and the clarity was amazing, with minimal discernible noise.

The new auto-focus system would take a little getting accustomed to if you’ve come from the 5Dmk2, as it actually works and very quickly, I really don’t think you would need to focus, then compose. It knew exactly what I wanted to focus on and did it very quickly. Canon have managed to go from what was realistically one of the worst AF systems on the market to one that is by far the best. I’d really like to take one out and put it through it’s paces in many conditions, but I really don’t think this camera would easily disappoint.

Overall it looks like a quality piece of kit that I’m definitely interested in getting my hands on.. in fact I’m selling my 24″ Canon iPF6350 photo printer with the 12 inks and stand to fund the purchase if anyone is interested in buying it.. It retails at PRA Imaging for $7350, I’m willing to let mine go for $5900 or nearest offer, I’m happy to deliver and install it anywhere with in Perth or the surrounds.. actually pretty much anywhere within Western Australia. Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in buying the printer.


Paul Pichugin