For the last few days I’ve been heading to South Perth, hoping that the sunrise would show some decent colour, unfortunately all we’ve had is blue or really overcast and fairly boring sunrises.. until today. I wasn’t going to head out at first and then decided that it was worth a trip.. well it turned out to be really worth the trip!

This is a 10 image stitch taken from South Perth foreshore. I haven’t edited the colours at all, I’ve just stitched the image and applied some sharpening and that’s it! I’m incredibly happy with the image:

Also this image can be purchased up to 100 inches wide here:

You may have noticed some new features and a bit of work going on around the website.. I’ve added a new gallery section where prints can be purchased! I’ll be adding images to the catalogue over the next few days / weeks and slowly populating it.


Paul Pichugin