Yesterday I headed out with fellow photographer and mate Adrian Wayte to chase the rest of the storm, he was ticked off because I’d tried to get him to come out with me to photograph the lightning but didn’t make it. We decided to head north east and try to get in front of the storm as the most dramatic images are usually the front of the storm..

After covering quite a bit of ground we managed to find a nice hill directly in front of the storm, it was quite surreal coming out from under the storm where it was bucketing down with rain and fairly cool to out in the sun where it was close to 40 degrees celcius! We both hopped out of the car and started taking photos, watching the lightning hit, both of us had been discussing how to capture lightning during daylight.. neither of us had managed it before. I was really impressed with the cloud right on the front of the storm and was getting some images of it with the hills in the foreground:

As we were shooting there were a few lightning bolts.. it wasn’t until I got home much later that afternoon and checked out my images properly that I realised I had captured one of the bolts while shooting!

We kept exploring for the the morning and then headed home.. on the way home I got a few more shots.

There is a huge amount of lightning and storm activity inland at the moment, keeping an eye out on the radar to see if we get anything worth a trip to take photos of :)

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Paul Pichugin