Hey All,

We headed down to Mullalyup, Western Australia to Bec’s Grandpa’s place (http://willowsrest.com), it’s a lovely place set on 16 Acres of beautiful land. Mullalyup and the whole region is known for having very little light pollution at night, which makes it perfect for star gazing and astro-photography. I took the opportunity to set my camera up for an all night shoot last night.

I was very lucky to not only get perfectly clear skies all night, but also had the Lovejoy Comet come across the horizon and the International Space Station pass through my photos. I thought I had captured some aurora australis activity, but a check with the experts says it’s not.. so I’ve got no idea what the green and red banding is that is passing through my photos.

Here is a still frame from the night:

I also put together a stack of 890 images to come up with this image:


The main reason I setup though, was to capture enough to get some more footage for my time lapse project.. something I’m going to be working on majorly over the next 12-18 months.. I’ve got some great night shoots planned.. here is the video of the night:


Looking forward to capturing more footage like this.. and if anyone has any ideas on what the green and red is.. I’d love to hear them!


Paul Pichugin