What a great way to finish up an awesome week that I’ve had. This time 5 years ago I was getting married to my best friend, I suggested we do the romantic thing and go out to a nice restaurant, maybe catch a movie and generally just have a nice night out. Bec instead suggested we go out and do what I really wanted to do (with no prompting from me), which was camp out overnight, watch the eclipse and get some photos… who am I to say no to such a lovely lady ;-)

We headed up to Mundaring Weir and setup camp.. by camp I mean some nice camp chairs, a table and our gas cooker.. I’m glad we got there early as it turned out to be a surprisingly popular spot to watch the eclipse and get photos. We had an excellent view all night and ended up cooking up some pancakes while watching the end of the eclipse. Other than a few short minutes of cloud cover, it was clear the entire night. I did a time lapse shoot, which I’m putting together into a video tonight, for now here are a couple of photos from the eclipse, enjoy!


Perth Lunar Eclipse


Perth Lunar Eclipse


Perth Lunar Eclipse



Perth Lunar Eclipse


I’ll upload the time lapse as soon as I have it complete!


Paul Pichugin