This afternoon I was thinking of heading out for some quality photography time, spotted an invite from Jamie Paterson on Facebook for anyone who wanted to meet up.. Having stalked Jamie’s work and even been to one of his exhibitions, but not actually met him, I thought why not? Met up at his favorite location and one I hadn’t really photographed succesfully before, Cottesloe.

I played around with several compositions and effects and didn’t really find anything that really “wowed” me, until I put my big stopper on and shot a panoramic with 9 30 second exposures on my 50mm.. well this is the image that resulted in me going wow!

Definitely one of my favorite landscape images in a very long time! I’m going to be printing this one up 24″x72″ for sure :)

It was great to meet Jamie and I’m looking forward to heading out shooting with him more frequently!


Paul Pichugin