Hey All,

I headed down to Trigg Beach this evening to get some fresh sunset photos, Trigg Beach is in a constant state of change, one month there is a heap of sand, other months there is nothing but Rocks. The beach looks like it is about half way through it’s cycle of losing all it’s sand. The boat ramp is fully exposed and Trigg Island is almost actually an Island again!

Anyway, I had the entire beach nearly to myself, there was just one other person out there using an iPhone to take photos and that was it! I always love having a beach to myself, I don’t have to fight for a good angle or vantage point, I don’t have to try to photoshp people out of my photos.. in general it is a much more pleasant experience! I think most people stayed away from the beach as it had been raining for most of the afternoon.

Taken on a Canon 5DmkII with a Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 lens. Settings for each image were:  f16, ISO50, 1.5 seconds exposure.

The only photoshop in this image is the stitching, removal of a few minor dust spots and adding my signature!

All comments & feedback appreciated!


Paul Pichugin