Hey All,

I know I’ve been a bit quiet over the last 2 weeks.. it’s been incredibly busy. Cambodia is an amazing country and I’ve already started planning my next 2 trips back there! I’ll have some more photos and videos from the trip on my blog shortly, I’ll also be posting up some thoughts and stories from my work with Awareness Cambodia, the orphanage and the medical clinics that they run. In the mean time here are some images from the end of my trip.

At the end of my trip to Cambodia, I headed down to Siem Reap with the group I was travelling with. Siem Reap is a very tourist orientated town, kind of like Cambodia’s version of Phuket.. minus the beaches. Not far outside of Siem Reap are the temples, the most famous one is known as Angkor Wat, I’ll have some images up from that over the next few weeks. Siem Reap was about a foot to 2 feet under water, yet it was business as usual for the locals! We were very fortunate to get to visit the Ta Prohm temple, as it had been flooded just the week before and 200 tourists had to be rescued from flash flooding.

Ta Prohm is famous for the trees that have overgrown a lot of the temple, there are many iconic images of one particular section, keeping that in mind, I explored elsewhere in the temple and managed to get a few images without hundreds of tourists in them!

All comments appreciated!


Paul Pichugin