Hey All,

I thought I’d add some of the people images I created while in Cambodia!

These 3 young boys were out in remote Cambodia, looking after some cattle. I photographed them on our return trip from a village where the medical team I was travelling with saw 187 patients in 3 hours!

As part of the medical team, we gave out prescription glasses to the villagers. They would try several pairs until they could see decently through them. It definitely made for some very interesting photos!




A mixture of Cambodian and Perth based volunteer doctors operating on a tumour this young boy had growing on his hand. It was quite amazing to see them operate in such average surroundings.



In the waiting line to see the doctors!

I’ll be away for the next week, so I’m not sure if I’ll have time to get any more photos dones, but I’ll still be working on the video of the trip! I’ll also be working on some of the stories I’ve briefly mentioned in this blog post.


Paul Pichugin