A few weeks ago I did a quick road trip down to the Stirling Ranges to see if I could get photos of the snow that was supposed to fall.. after getting hailed and sleeted on up at Bluff Knoll I beat a fairly hasty retreat.. I did see snow, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. The trip wasn’t a total waste of time and effort though as I got many images that I love and a couple I’ve shared already.

On the way home to Perth I took a very roundabout route, seeing as much as I could and stopping for plenty of photos. As I was leaving Corrigin a storm came over and it started bucketing down, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to get some decent sunset photos. Then as I was nearing Quairading (yes it’s a real place.. don’t ask me how to pronounce it..), the sun broke through the clouds and just lit up the fields! I stopped to get a few photos. This is an 8 image stitch.. I really like the colours, but it just feels a bit empty to me. Would love some feed back on it!


Paul Pichugin