Hey All,

On Friday I made the epic journey through Singapore and across to Phnom Penh. As we were approaching Phnom Penh the clouds cleared a little and we were able to see an overview of the area. Most of the low lying areas outside the main city are currently experiencing flooding as we’ve come during their wet season.

We’ve had a very full on day and a half already, yesterday we visited the Killing Fields and S21. Both were very intense and sobering experiences. The killing fields is an area no more than a couple of acres, the Khmer Rouge used the area as a mass killing and burial spot. At the peak of their regime they were “processing” over 300 people a day. In the middle of the grounds they have built a monument that has 17 levels just full of skulls that were dug up on the grounds.

As you walk around the grounds you constantly see teeth and bones coming up through the path because of the erosion caused by the rainfall. It really was quite hard to process it all. I have some photos, but will be unable to upload them until I get home.

We then journeyed back into Phnom Pehn to the genocide muesem, S21. The Khmer Rouge transformed a high school into an interrogation centre & processing area before people were transported tithe il ing fields. In the many rooms around the school you are confronted with not only the instruments of torture, but also photos of the people who were killed. The Khmer Rouge were quite proud of what they were doing and photographed the majority of people they killed. There are also photos of people being tortured.

It is quite bizarre to try. And comprehend that humans are capable of doing this to each other. What’s even more sobering is that it happened with many of ourown life times.

We’re now in a cafe having lunch before we head off to the orphanage in a very rural area. I’ll have no electricity and very little access to the outside world. I’ll have more updates next week along with some photos..


Paul Pichugin