Hey All,

Well late last night I ducked out run a few errands and I spotted some lightning on the horizon.. so I quickly went home and checked the lightning tracker and found that we had a decent sized storm heading fairly close to us! I grabbed my gear and headed out intially to Bullsbrook where I was welcomed by some of the best lightning I’ve seen in a very long time! I captured 8 pretty decent lightning bolts in this spot before the storm had moved completely on. I’ve combined 6 of the shots here:

I decided to move on after that and see if I could get in front of the storm again and get some more photos, so I headed over to the top of the Zig Zag at Kallamunda, unfortunately the storm had changed directions and was heading South East.. I still got a couple of good shoots.. here is the combined effort:

I’m pretty happy with both shots.. just wish I had been more prepared, I saw some awesome lighting on my way out to get these shots, would have been nice to be there to capture them!


Paul Pichugin