Hey There, Bec and I left Perth bound for Singapore and ultimately Phuket in the very early hours of Thursday morning, it was a chilly 14 degrees celcius. We flew through the night, landing in Singapore Airport at around 5.30am, headed through customs to collect our bags and then straight back through customs after checking into our next flight. Next on the agenda was food, we hunted down some breakfast at the Burger King and tried some food neither of us had seen before. I’m not sure what they do to the bacon, but it was paper thin and shattered when you bent it.. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Singapore Airport is an experience in itself, there is just kilometers of shops.. and not just any shops, I’m talking about about Burberry, Gucci, Hugo Boss and other brands you would expect in an inner city luxury retail precent, or Chapel Street in Melbourne.. certainly not what I was expecting in an airport.. there are apparently over 300 retailers in the airport.

Anyway, after wandering around the rabbit warren that is Singapore Airport for a few hours, we boarded our flight to Phuket, Thailand! It was a very short flight, barely time to fall asleep and then we were descending into Phuket. Phuket Airport is somewhat different to Singapore Airport.. much smaller and much busier! We cleared through customs with no problems and headed out to find a taxi.. well that was the intention, instead the taxi came and found us! We hadn’t even made it out the door when we were approached by several people trying to get us in their brand of taxi, I’m not sure who is legal and who isn’t, but after changing our money over, we paid 750 baht to catch a taxi from the airport down to the south of Phuket to a small town called Kata Beach.

I’ve got to say, riding in a taxi in Phuket is probably somewhat similar to riding in a taxi anywhere in asia.. you have very little in the way of recognisable road rules, I counted at least 3 red lights that we sailed through and I couldn’t discern any speed limits to speak of, we sat on about 100kph most of the way, with scooters and motorbikes all around us. It’s strange how so much chaos doesn’t end in more accidents, I didn’t see a single accident or even any close calls.

Our hotel turned out to be a rather nice little hotel only 1 minutes walk from Kata Beach itself, the welcome at the hotel made you feel like a celebrity! Cold towels for you to wipe your face and hands with, some sort of sweet fruity drink that was ice cold as well.. very welcome in the 36 degrees heat with very high humidity.

I’ll have some stories of what we’ve done since then over the next couple of days, I’ve included a couple of photos from our trip so far. All these were taken on my little Canon G9.. it’s an amazing little camera and the perfect travel companion for those who are a little more serious about their photography, but don’t want to lug around a digital SLR (of which I’m carrying 2 of).


Paul Pichugin