Perth Lightning Storm

Perth Lightning 5th December 2011

Hey All,

Last night we had an amazing lightning storm, it has been building up for days now and finally let loose just after sunset. I headed out storm chasing for a few hours, got some great photos from Mindarie Marina of the lightning over the ocean.

After things seemed to be slowing down a little I headed to South Perth to see if anything was happening, with in minutes of setting up I was presented with lightning strike after lightning strike! After taking about 50 shots the rain started in and I had to head home.

Going through the photos, most of them were massively overexposed, which was pretty disappointing, but I was able to put these four frames together to get one complete photo.. I’m really stoked with the out come.

If you would like to get a print of this image, please check it out on RedBubble: or if you are after something larger, please get in contact with me!

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Paul Pichugin

  • Dean

    Great pics Paul!

  • Mark Greenmantle Photography

    Ahh Paul, awesome captures mate. We’ve finally started getting some wet weather over here and it’s all drizzle and boring – no thunder no lightning and certainly nothing to chase.
    Make sure you catch up next time you are over in Brisbane. It’s been quite a while!

    • Paul

      Yeah we don’t get storms like this all that often, so I just had to go chase.. makes me miss Brisbane though. Not sure when I’ll be back over that way, I do want to head back and re-shoot a lot of things with fresh eyes now :)

  • Grant

    It is such a surreal image, did you think about super imposing the silver surfer flying off the BHP building as it is very Marvel!!!!

    • Paul

      haha.. I can’t say it even crossed my mind :)

  • tim holden

    Well done for the simple initiative needed to capture these images of power. I very much admired the picture of the Electric City, truly dynamic. You are Stormchaser, Paul. You were drawn to my attention by Reszegi on his Facebook site and I will follow you with interest.

  • Yasier

    very nice photos Paul.
    just stayed in my room on 5th dec…at last i know how amazing the view of CBD on that time

  • Steve

    Great photo’s Paul! I love that final shot – you must have been in awe watching that skyshow (and a little nervous being so exposed!)

    • Paul

      It was quite intimidating at Mindarie as I was nearly the tallest thing out there! We had a storm cell form up right behind us and a few close (with in 500m) lightning flashes!

  • Neal Pritchard

    wow paul some great lightning images there … that last one almost looks like a painting …

  • Sabrina

    These photos are amazing! Great job

  • RooFx

    You might want to try a black card over the lens instead of layering afterwards. Some luck is involved (that can be half the fun) but at high apertures you can get lucky pretty often during active storms.
    Nice stuff!

    • Paul

      I’ll have to give that technique a try next time for sure.. I’ve played with it before but not with much success..

  • Mariti

    They are awesome. What God has created are so marvelous and and beautiful. Hard work well rewarded.